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Noise control measures for cooling towers in residential areas

日期:2022-11-24 人气:448

For residential communities, the comfort of the surrounding environment is very important to us, so the noise should not be too large, otherwise it will harm the mental health of the residents. For this kind of noise, we can carry out noise control from the following factors:

I.   Transformer distribution room

1, the use of shock absorption, sound insulation and noise reduction platform, reduce the transformer by vibration transmission of structural noise.

2. Make soft joint disposal for the low-voltage inlet bus of the transformer.

3,   Use glottis and silencer to reduce the transmission of gas sound in the distribution room.

Two, central air conditioning air cooled heat pump unit

According to the shape size, structure and noise characteristics of the central air-conditioning air-cooled heat pump unit, the sound enclosure and muffler equipment are developed to carry out sound insulation and noise reduction treatment.

Three, the pump room in the community

The field survey was carried out, and a scientific, reasonable, economical and effective noise control implementation plan was formulated according to the situation of the field machinery and equipment.

Four, elevator room

At the bottom of each elevator motor is equipped with elevator special low-frequency shock absorption, sound insulation and noise reduction platform to block the noise of the elevator from being transmitted to the households by the steel beam sound bridge; Use damping pads to isolate the electric cabinet from the ground to prevent high-frequency sound from penetrating the wall.

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